June 9, 2022 rtorkzadeh

Event Announcement!

One of the experts who will be present at our “Strong Minds, Strong Businesses” event is none other than Reza Torkzadeh himself!!
Topics: Mentorship, Business Essentials, Starting Your Own Firm
For those of you who don’t know Reza, he is the Founder and CEO of @torklaw. He is also the Founder of LawWorks! Reza is a nationally recognized plaintiff’s trial attorney, author and speaker.
If you’ve been wanting to connect with Reza, now is your chance! He will be at LawWorks on June 23rd from 4-6PM ready to answer all of your questions in his mini-session!
BONUS: He also just released a new book called “The Lawyer As CEO” which we will be giving a complimentary copy to all LawWorks members at the June 23rd event!
Click here to register for our FREE event now: https://bit.ly/strong-minds-strong-businesses
Meet Reza Torkzadeh